How To Suffer through Unfulfilled Desires?


Many people develop a deep desire as they grow up, and when that desire is ‘a bit odd’, if not downright kinky, then there is a good chance that it will remain buried for many years and possibly for life. And so, as the years pass, this secret desire appears increasingly unlikely to be experienced and is buried in the furthest recesses of our mind. Periodically it is awakened by a trigger, a passage in a book, a movie scene, or a casual reference in a chat show or news item, only to be considered forlornly and reburied as deeply as possible. The impossible dream.

Some people are braver than others, and perhaps lady luck takes a hand, and for those people their deepest, darkest desires are realised. They may pursue their dream as soon as they gain their independence (or even before!), or it may take a change of circumstance such as divorce or serious illness to propel the dream to the fore. Carpe diem!

So we have an unfulfilled desire, and a fulfilled desire, what could be worse? The previously fulfilled desire where the opportunity to indulge one’s dreams and fantasies has been snatched away. The knowing that it is possible, it was possible, and now it is no longer.

When this happens, we are left with a gaping void in our existence that must be filled, now! Searching for someone to spank, or someone to spank us, becomes an urgent need. The desire refuses to be buried, the genie is already out of the bottle, and it demands satisfaction.

5 thoughts on “How To Suffer through Unfulfilled Desires?

  1. Dean Reply

    Your app looks REALLY good, dude! I’d love to get a copy! There are a LOT of app stores out there besides Google Play, including one called UptoDown that is made up primarily of banned Google Play apps.

    Good luck and keep at it!

      • Dean Reply

        Also put the WORD OUT on the right websites, once you get a download host (And a portable version that can be installed on pc’s would be cool!). I strongly suggest posting on Fetlife, Someone’s Gonna Get It and All Things Spanking, as well as Spanking Tube, as VERY good places to start if you want to get the word out to people interested in this stuff.

        I would also STRONGLY suggest you be WAAAY less gender-specific, regarding who the spankers and spankees are! You risk pissing off a very large segment of your market that leans very heavily Femdom. With all the Trump crap going on, you do NOT want to get painted sexist! A LOT of people are VERY RIGHTFULLY very pissed off right now and with damn good reason!

        Good luck, Dude! Looking forward to it!

  2. Dean Reply

    A search for “Google Play alternatives” brings up a whole slew of lists of host sites!

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