Welcome to SpankingApp. Like you we love Spanking – and with this app, it’s even easier to life the lifestyle now.

SpankingApp is a mobile App on Android and it can be downloaded for free. You do not have to enter your email – it’s just the download.

Google will also show you, that apart from some basic things, this app doesn’t require any data (Facebook anyone?)

So why would you, fellow Spanker, download this app?

SpankingApp offers the following:

  • a list of your favourite blogs, always up to date with the newest articles
  • A Punishment Generator offering you to create a Spanking either randomly based on your offence, or you elect the Spanking yourself.
  • The Punishment Book, which shows you an entire list of your wrongdoings and Spankings.
  • Your profile, which you can create yourself
  • Valuable information about Spanking
  • And various elements to configure.


If you have ideas on how to make the app better, contact us and we will work on it!

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