What Frustrates Me in Spanking – And How I Got over It

According to Chambers Online Dictionary:

frustrated adj1 a feeling of agitation and helplessness at not being able to do something. 2disappointed; unhappy; dissatisfied. 3 unfulfilled in one’s ambitions for oneself. 4 not sexually satisfied.

spanker noun 1 someone who smacks.

And their thesaurus suggests that I am: disappointed, discontented, discouraged, dissatisfied, disheartened, embittered, resentful, angry, annoyed, thwarted, blighted, repressed.

Yes, I am all those things in equal measure, when all I actually want is to experience the suggested antonyms of fulfilled, and satisfied. That is not too much to ask, is it?

The thing is, spanking is such a very small part of my life. I don’t make my living doing it (although that is a fascinating day-dream for another time!), I am not married to it, I don’t go on holiday to do it, and it is not a part of routine family life. 99% of the people who know me will never see this one glittering facet of my persona. So why does such a minor glitch in an otherwise happy, contented and normal life cause such a disproportionate ruckus?

I can’t answer that, it just does.

When I am able to partake of spanking a girl’s deliberately bared bottom, with intent, I am complete. But, to the average girl in the street, wanting to do such a thing to her would be considered extreme, in the extreme! Asking such a thing would be an excellent, sure-fire method of getting one’s face slapped, repeatedly, and probably even if she privately wanted me to tip her over!

So, to the average Joe on the street I am an aggressive, abusive menace, who really ought to be manacled at all times, just in case.

But! I am a firm believer in Yin and Yang, and all the evidence suggests that for every variation from the norm, there is an equal and opposite variation. Balance in all things. From this philosophy, I am convinced that for every spanker, there is someone else who actively wants to be spanked.

What does our average Joe make of nature’s submissives, or bottoms, or whatever your preferred label? They actually want to be physically struck, to be ‘abused’? Surely they must be ill, mentally unbalanced, to be pitied and protected from themselves, lest those other ‘beasts’ take advantage of their weakness. And being viewed as a submissive and therefore lesser being, as opposed to the dominant scary one, they must be even more careful to hide their natural tendencies. It is no coincidence that a great many sexually submissive men and women learn to disguise their trait so well that they are viewed as the polar opposite and hold down respected positions of authority.

And now I have got that all out of my system, I am left with my one outstanding goal. Somewhere out there, lurking quietly in case anyone guess her private desires, is the girl who would like nothing better than for me, yes ME, to put her across my knee for the bare bottom spanking she has been craving but not daring to ask for. It is down to you, kind readers, to help us both. To make this missive known to the widest possible audience, in the earnest hope that she may chance upon it, and make two people very happy – fulfilled and satisfied.

And all you other ‘searchers’ out there (yes, I know you are there, I see your search terms), why not post a Comment here, or ‘Like’ this post, or ‘bookmark’ on your favourite service, ‘Tweet’ about it, shout it from the rooftops! If no-one knows you are here, how will they find you? Your next partner could be sitting right beside you in the cyber cafe, or just across the office, or sharing your journey. ‘Just Do It’

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