The Senior Spanking Salesman

While I have been busy with the ‘Rachel’ series (along with my co-conspirator) since February, it has resulted in a dearth of normal blogging activity. I suppose most bloggers experience this scenario, reporting on stuff that happens is relatively straight-forward, but how do we get on when anticipated events do not occur? ‘X’ is expected then. ‘X’ hasn’t happened yet. ‘X’ still hasn’t happened. ‘X’ isn’t happening, but it might do soon… It all gets a bit tedious after a while.

The original purpose of this blog was to serve as a shop window, in which I hoped to ‘sell myself’.

Sell my ‘dominant spanker of female bottoms’ self, to be precise. The thing is, I’m not a salesman. If ever I try, such as when selling my car, I under-value it out of guilt, thinking that nobody could possibly have a use for my old cast-off. Of course, by dropping the price too low, people assume that there is something wrong with it and won’t even come to see it. Someone with a bit more ‘push’ would crank the price up and extol its virtues, but instead I find myself telling folks about all the things the car has had wrong with it. Not good.

It surely goes without saying that I sell myself in much the same way. “I’m old, but there is life in the old dog yet.” Whereas people who know me say that my youthful exuberance and energy leads them to believe I am twenty years younger than I actually am! What’s wrong with a bit of modesty and understatement, I ask? The answer that comes back is always the same, and always painful to hear. People are used to having things talked up, and make allowances that the item is probably not quite as good as the sales pitch suggests. So by starting low, people’s assumptions immediately downgrade even a modest assessment still lower. But I simply cannot be something I am not. I have been this way for 50-odd years, and it isn’t about to change any time soon. The hope is that potentially interested people will read my bloggings and make their own assessment of my worth.

And there is another complication.

If I were to look for a spanking partner close to my own age, I have every confidence that she would materialise quite quickly. But the thing is, in my younger days the age of ‘she who must obey’ was not important, in fact just finding someone was reward enough. But as I have ‘matured’, so have my tastes become more refined, it is no longer enough that ‘she’ is female and comes with rump already attached. No, let’s make things really difficult and demand that ‘she’ not only act out the part of a much younger naughty niece, but also actually be young enough to be my daughter. Hell’s Bells, I’ve turned into a spanking connoisseur, and a dirty old man!

Where is she now, young girl who 15 years ago informed me that I was nice but not old enough for her tastes?

I know the mind-set exists, girls who crave a spanker old enough to be the stern disciplinarian of their fantasy. What is their universal complaint? That there are not enough ‘mature’ gentleman spankers to go around. Well here I am, girls! But don’t delay, I feel life ebbing away as I write!

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