The Early Years, Or How I Became A Spanker

So why is spanking a girl’s bottom so compelling? Or from the other side of the cheeks, why is having one’s bottom soundly spanked such an addiction? This is a question that is discussed in the spanking world more than any other. We are strange, we know that. And most of us have struggled with the notion all our lives, from adolescence onwards.

In my day, the discipline of children routinely involved some form of corporal punishment, using hand, wooden spoon, hairbrush, cane, belt, paddle and switch. The Internet abounds with undoubtedly genuine tales of boys and girls being sent out in to the back yard to cut the switch to be used on their own bottoms. Or the implement of choice would hang in its own special place on the back of the kitchen door, or in the parent’s wardrobe, or some other position of disciplinary significance.


Since that time, society has decreed that corporal punishment of minors is to be frowned upon, is ‘barbaric’, leads the child into violence, and numerous other moralistic attitudes. For many kids, society is probably correct in that routine and/or ritualistic corporal punishment is entirely unneccessary. But for a significant minority, if only they had been ‘brought up short’ when it was most needed, they would not have climbed aboard the galloping charger of ill-discipline, disrespect, and self-centredness that plagues all our lives today.

I am firmly of the opinion that at specific times, a short, sharp shock to the seat of the pants is precisely what is needed. And if done right, probably never to be repeated.

But I digress. Back then, when corporal punishment was the norm, the practice was reflected in the media, from children’s books and comics right through to mainstream movies and popular television series’. From memory, Rock Hudson tipped several of his co-stars across his knee to be spanked, and I still recall a number of ‘I Love Lucy’ episodes when a spanking was threatened and sometimes delivered on screen. Even during prepubescence I actively sought out books that held the promise of corporal punishments. I don’t suppose I understood why, all I knew was that these events fixated me, and the relevant passages were read and re-read until a library fine was in the offing.

Later, it became very apparent (in the most obvious way) that reference to spanking, and all the associated clichés, had a direct sexual connotation for me. But no one ever spoke of it, and so I quickly concluded that I was a ‘one of’, and secretly very wierd. I was far more interested in spanking than sex (not that there was ever an opportunity to practice either) but since my dreams and fantasies involved ‘hitting’ and ‘hurting’ girls, I always knew that my fantasies would never be realised. I was on my own with my ‘peculiarity’.

And then, seemingly from nowhere, a ‘reader’s letter’ in one of the regular men’s magazines made my stomach lurch. A reference to spanking, not in the sense I had always experienced it, but in a deliberately sexual scenario! What? I read the letter again, a husband was being asked by his wife if he would spank her and was this acceptable. I began to pay more attention, and the Letters section was the first place I always scoured. Gradually I noticed more references, people were spanking for fun, and both partners loved it! And later, there was one sweating, trembling, heart thumping day when I spotted my first ever spanking magazine! It took several trips back to that shop, and furtive glances along the rack to that magazine, before I was able to muster sufficient courage to slip my first ever issue of Janus between Playboy and Penthouse magazines and take them all back to the counter. I had to hang around for an eternity for the shop to clear of other customers, and of course no sooner had I handed my ‘illicit’ pile across the counter than two more customers came to stand at the counter beside me. My heart pounded, sweat trickled down my face, and my cheeks must have looked radio-active.

That was an expensive trip to ‘the smutty book shop’. But the difference it made to me was indescribable. OK, I was still wierd, obviously. But no longer alone in the world. If a publishing house had sufficient demand to produce an entire magazine dedicated to spanking and caning, then there must be thousands of other people just like me! Alright, so there were many men who enjoyed spanking a woman, but I still struggled with the idea that a woman could possibly enjoy receiving a smacked bottom. At best, I presumed that a few women were prepared to ‘put up with’ a spanking just to please their men. And any idea that men might want to be spanked, and women might like to discipline them, simply never occurred to me.

By this time I had been married for several years, and enjoyed all the ‘vanilla’ benefits that couple enjoy. But now my head was swimming with ideas that perhaps my own special peculiarity might be realised after all!

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