SpankingApp Update: December 2016

Dear friends,


this is my first post regarding SpankingApp. First of all: thanks for early readers and testers of SpankingApp! It went live yesterday after I finally solved some bugs.

First, let me introduce myself.

Who Is The Founder Of SpankingApp?

I’m Tony, from the UK, and a big fan of spanking. Until recently, I  used a Spanking generator on Windows (an old program which is no longer available)… so I ‘ve always wanted to have such a generator on a mobile device, but it seems nobody has offered anything useful, which is why I programmed one for Android (for now).

It’s a free program (I’m doing this as my hobby) and I wanted it to share with others as well. That’s why I opened this website – I would like to gradually improve the program over time and to find a community of like minded people.
A little about me: I’m a little older (think > 40, but still not 60). I studied computer science back in the 90s, but hadn’t been actively programming for 15 years or so. So, programming this did cost me a lot of time, but I also learned a lot.

SpankingApp: The Spanking Generator Program

Now that’s where you guys come into play.
The program just went live and it’s the first version.
I wanted to ask you, whether you would maybe share the app & and / or the website ( so that more people find out about it.
Finally, what do you think of the app? Send me your feedback! This is just the first version, and I have various ideas to improve them – but what do you want?
Please, don’t hold back and comment here, write me, or share the app with like minded people.
I look forward to the next months with this app!


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