How To Dress For A Spanking

As a man, I expect I may be guilty of not appreciating how a woman is dressed, and consequently how much thought went into her outfit, as thoroughly as I should. If a guy spends more than a minute or two to take such a decision, then it must be a very major deal indeed. But it all seems to be different for the girls. Maybe they have too many clothes to choose from?


[Or wear nothing.]

I don’t care what you just threw at me, I ducked and you missed.

But joking aside, dressing for a spanking really is a big deal. A lot will depend on who, where, and when. For example, an established partnership preparing for a quick nightly session before bed may not bother at all, or a simple girlie nightie might suffice. But for a pre-arranged discipline session things should be very different. At the very least, the pair will know enough about each other’s preferences to make some sort of effort to please the other, even if the event is not to be a full-on roleplay session. 

The really hard task is to find suitable clothing for a first meeting.

There will surely have been an amount of correspondence prior to arranging the meeting, and so a general idea of what to expect will be available, based on what the pair have agreed will take place. But let us assume that ‘play’ is expected to take place following the first face-to-face meeting in a nearby café. The style of dress has to be appropriate for the surroundings, and an opportunity to change may well not be available. The outfit must be demure, so as not to send out the wrong signals to him. A miniskirt and see-through blouse is going to have the entire café staring (the very last thing you need!), and is going to convey a ‘loose woman’ impression to him. Jeans and T-shirt/jumper doesn’t really fit well either, as every girl wants to look good for a man, doesn’t she? That is not to say that some girls don’t look very good indeed when dressed in T-shirt and jeans! But for many of us that look is simply not realistic.


Trousers, in general, are probably a bad idea unless she is extremely shy. When bent across a knee they can present quite an alluring sight, stretched taut across the buttocks, but removal is impossible without disturbing the flow of the spanking. Of course, if it has been agreed that the first time is to be fully clothed, then they are perfect. The same may be true for tight pencil skirts or stretchy skirts, if this is the arrangement, and so any form of ‘suit’ and blouse fulfills the need to look ‘smart’, as opposed to ‘sexy’. 

But for most first-time meetings there will be an ‘over knickers’, or ‘on the bare’ agreement which necessitates wearing ‘acceptable’ outer clothing, but that may be easily raised. A flared or pleated skirt is fine, but considering it will probably end up rucked up around the waist, the choice of material becomes important. Remember, it has to be worn to get home afterwards! Something like a grey, black or blue suit with white blouse can’t go too far wrong in any circumstance, and depending on your individual preferences with regard to ‘scenario’, careful selection can lead to an outfit that satisfies ‘the careless secretary’ look, and possibly even ‘the naughty schoolgirl’, especially with the after-addition of a striped tie.


And then comes the underwear decision! What could be more crucial? Unless your man is seriously ‘into’ tights, they are a definite no-no. Which leaves the option of bare legs or stockings. The choice may well depend on how you feel about your legs, and whether trousers are the chosen attire, but I don’t remember meeting a man who didn’t appreciate stockings. If chosen, a spare pair tucked into the handbag is probably a wise move.

Choice of bra (or not) is more a matter of practicality to fit with individual build, but a matching set shows you really have made an effort.


And then we arrive at the choice of knickers. You may possibly have arrived at an agreement that one layer is to remain in place, in which case a G-string/thong could be the chosen ‘stays on!’ garment. But who would deny a spanker the opportunity to lower your knickers (or ‘have you’ lower them yourself!) in mid-spanking? In which case a pair which mostly covers your bottom is the best choice as they provide for an ‘unveiling’ of clothed to bare bottom. An important moment for most spanking men. There are many choices these days, ranging from ‘full-fitting’ (aka schoolgirl-like knickers), through ‘boy’shorts’, and on to ‘french-style’ knickers. The choice is yours. Just remember, in all probability the sexier you look the more your bottom is going to sting! 

Hopefully, that is enough to give any uncertain girl some sort of guidance. But what about us boys? In many ways this is even harder to get right. By the time we have decided to actually do something about satisfying our inner urge and find a playmate, we have a fairly clear idea (or ideas) about what our ‘perfect’ spankee looks like, and have conveyed this image to our prospective partner. But what are the guys supposed to look like? Scant attention is paid to male garb in standard spanking photos and films. Laughably, the male role is often dressed in a school-masterly gown, but under it he is wearing the faded T-shirt, jeans and trainers he turned up in! Speaking personally, I don’t think a man can go too far wrong by wearing a suit, or the very least a shirt and tie, especially for the first meeting mentioned earlier. Later on in the relationship, it always feels incongruous to be completely naked, even if she is. I prefer to be wearing at least pants of some sort, and in that way her nakedness is highlighted, and thus the disparity is reinforcing her vulnerability (in a good way).

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