Hit Me With A Mallet (Update On My Spanking Playmate Search)

I would hope that you are all aware that I am actively trying to hook up with a spanking playmate for myself. If not, I must be doing something dreadfully wrong!  

OK, so I readily accept that men and women are from different planets. I don’t have a problem with that assertion. In fact I positively welcome it! It is this diversity that provides added interest and attraction for me. There are times when a discussion needs to take place between people who speak the same language, and that applies to both men and women, but for much of the time it is the language difference that provokes fruitful dialogue between the species.

But that difference of language/attitude/approach/mentality does have its problems. There is much scope for cross/mis-communication, and we must always be on our guard, and make allowances for, the differences between the way we think. Most of the time we are able to double-check and confirm that ‘the other’ does actually mean what we have translated them to mean, and we get along just fine. But there are times when we fail to carry out that check, or the checking process is not possible.

By way of example, it is fairly unusual for a girl to sidle up to a guy and say, “Come on then, big fella, how about it? *wink*”. And to be honest, I don’t think I would appreciate it if they did! But on the other hand, even though I am waiting and hoping to be approached, some feminine wiles are way too subtle for me to recognise! When a girl comments on this blog, should I take her comment at face value, or is she really offering me a ‘come-on’? How am I supposed to know?

Apparently, there is a secret code that only women are privy to. Women can spot a come-on from space, but us guys are left floundering around in the murk, and making asses of ourselves.

As a result, and to do everything I can to avoid causing offence, I wait for the mallet to land on my head. Then I know she means business. 😉

This was intended to be a discussion article, but it seems to have turned into a bit of a rant. Nevertheless, I (and the rest of the male species) welcome any pointers or tidbits that you girls may want to throw our way.

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