I’m just an ordinary middle-aged guy, with a slightly extraordinary fetish. Nothing to get too worked up about, and given the increasing media attention that spanking is getting these days, hardly worth mentioning! 😉

I am average in many ways, with the physique of a mature guy who likes to stay fit but also enjoys the good things in life. I don’t think I have ever been regarded as a ‘hunk’, except maybe by those special people who have known me, but neither have I seen people running for the hills. My hairdresser is having an increasingly difficult time cutting only the grey hair, but is kept fully emplyed. ‘Distinguished’ is a word I like 🙂

I enjoy the delicious sensation of a female form draped expectantly across my knee, of my open palm spanking firmly into soft yielding female buttocks, repeatedly. I enjoy feeling her react as those spanks sting her cheeks, feeling her relax and strain backwards for more as she absorbs the burn, and hearing her sigh contentedly as my palm caresses the sting away, before applying more. But so much more than the physical, I relish the opportunity to dominate her thoughts, overcome her coquettish resistance, and take her to the place that exists in her fantasies.

I have been ‘comfortable in my skin’ for many years now, and have been privileged to play a part with several people who were still discovering themselves. Those early experiences of gradual realisation, wonderment, and eventual fulfilment are very special, and to be able to help and guide a person through them is an honour. I have ‘played’ with a couple of people on an occasional basis, but generally I prefer to really get to know a playmate, and remain with her until such time as life moves us along.

If you have got this far and I have tweaked your interest, you will surely be wondering where in the world to find me. The United Kingdom. My precise location tends to alter as I migrate around the north of england as work dictates, but Yorkshire frequently resounds to the slaps and spanks of my palm against sexy female bottom 🙂

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