A Short but Important Tip For OTK Spankers

No, not that apres-spank hug of comfort and reassurance. Although any freshly spanked girl will attest to the primeval need to be consoled and forgiven.

I am referring to the specific correlation of spanker and spankee when they have been placed OTK (Over The Knee). When a spankee is positioned, it is an automatic reaction of the spanker to place a restraining arm over her (or his) back in order to stabilise the position. Over-exuberant kicking and wriggling brought on by either mock or genuine attempts to escape, can quite quickly lead to a disoriented body making contact with hard floor, and subsequent injury. We wouldn’t want our girl to hurt herself, would we? And even when our subject is better behaved and accepts her chastisement stoically, that arm still reaches over and snugs her body into the spanker, securing her and reinforcing the control he has over her.

There is more to it, though. It is a connection, and by all accounts, a two way connection which is both physical and spiritual. In holding her to you, you are also protecting and consoling her, as if from what the other hand is doing. And spankees report a sense of safety. Even though their nether regions are ultimately exposed and imperilled, that strong protective arm provides reassurance that no matter what ravages are to be inflicted on their bottoms, they themselves are safe from harm.

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