The Start – Stop Spanking Relationship

Months of fruitless searching for a compatible playmate gets a person down. The early optimism, born of previous successes, evaporates in waves like the retreating tide. Self-confidence leaks away. Depression sets in. A soul begins to wonder what anyone ever saw in them in the past, whether they have morphed into something ugly and untouchable, and whether they will ever swim the erotically infested waters of kink and sensuality ever again.

Numerous fresh starts and adventures down previously unexplored avenues lead nowhere. Desperation forces one to try things that one knows to be futile, but anything is better than the loneliness of nothingness. Eventually resignation becomes the norm, and the energetic spark that is one’s closest and most attractive ally fades away. The seeker becomes just another lost face in the crowd.

And then from nowhere, the daily round of ‘logging in to check on profiles’ reveals a message! There it is, the red flashing symbol “You have One new message”. A double-check and it isn’t just a routine admin message, it is a person! Another seeker! The internal systems break free of the saturnine dusty layers and the heart-beat quickens. The message is brief, just an exploratory ‘Hey there’ to express a degree of interest without risking the embarrassment of rejection.

The reply tries to be warm and friendly, desperately trying not to reveal the desperation that is being felt so acutely. And an exchange begins, each attempting to elicit additional information from the other, and confirm the facts stated in the profiles. It is looking increasingly promising, with key facts like gender, preference, location and intent ticking the boxes.

Then silence. The previously rapid replies cease. Perhaps the last message didn’t get through? Send another one to be sure. Still nothing. A check of the sent messages reveals nothing untoward, no unwitting breach of etiquette, no horrendous faux pas.


Like an eagerly accepted phone number that never rings, just another false start in the life of the online seeker of kinky companionship.

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