The Man In Black: What Kind Of Man Is A Spanking Fantasy For Women!

He preferred to wear black for occasions such as this. Black suit, black shirt, black tie, and black underwear too although this mattered less. He wore this clothing to work on these days, mentally preparing himself for the event that would come later. As he worked, his black sleeves drifted across his vision, prompting a sober state of mind and provoking visions of how he would conduct the evening. Orchestrate, that was an apt description of his role. His will would prevail, she would dance to his rhythm and sing his song, she would respond in perfect synchronicity as he beat time, and they both understood the tune they were playing. Despite his day-to-day demeanor and supportive role in daily life, wearing black imbued him with an essential sense of dominance.


He relaxed in an easy chair, studying the figure across the room in minute detail, easing himself as his anatomy betrayed the true purpose of the scene. She stood bolt upright facing the opposite wall, head held high, shoulders back, the arc of her spine causing her naked buttocks to protrude more than she would prefer, if she was given a choice. The uneasy flexing of her bottom causing a bright pink hand-print to oscillate mesmerically. In any other situation she would look absurd, facing a wall with her hands resting on top of her head, and clothing deliberately arranged so as to frame and accentuate the nakedness of her bottom. Shameful, ludicrous, humiliating. But that was the point. He always relished the opportunity to observe her internal struggle between reluctance and obedience as he required her to arrange herself thus.

He glanced at his watch. Still another six minutes to wait. Strictly speaking, by his own rules, her reckless disobedience ‘in the corner’ should cause the 15 minute timer to be reset, but he was eager to get her in his embrace, and he knew of a more satisfying way to make her pay.

He idly toyed with the cane which lay on the table beside him, its slight but unique clatter causing her to start, and a fresh tension to sweep through her body. He nodded to himself, she knew the punishment she deserved, and craved.


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