Spanking Chakras

Tantra and Spanking is a rather uncommon combination. But that shouldn’t be a reason not to try it…

I am familiar with regular chakras but I have never heard of spanking ones. I share this with you today to expand our knowledge of all aspects of spanking.

Tantra sex has been around but tantra spanking is a new one for me. It implies a spiritual aspect to sex and now spanking. What is being referred to here is erotic spanking and not punishment or discipline spanking. The site also talks about stopping frequently to rub certain areas and that it is important to reposition the spankee often:
“No matter how perfect the spankee is positioned, s/he can always improve, holding the buttocks out a little further, etc. The spanker should not shirk from making exacting demands regarding proper positioning of the spankee throughout each Cycle.”

There is more information here so check out the Tantra Spanking site!

Here are the meanings associated with the chakras:

Chakras are concentrated vortices of energy within the body. All of them have the potential to become powerful erogenous zones!

  • Stability
  • Color
  • Issue
  • Goal
  • Sahasrara
  • Violet
  • Awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Anahata
  • Green
  • Self-affinity
  • Connectedness
  • Svadhisthana
  • Orange
  • Sexuality
  • Pleasure
  • Mooladhara
  • Red
  • Grounding
  • Stability


So, dear readers, what do you think of this?

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