So Close And Yet So Distant

Just as the weather turns to our typical Autumnal gloom of dark evenings, and 24 hour drizzle punctuated by spells of bitter freezing and biting northerly winds, a message arrives.

“Hi Tony” It begins.

Now this is unusual, me receiving messages? I have way too much other stuff going on (a living to earn, this blog to update, fiction to write, a website to run, a forum to moderate, etc) to spend a whole lot of time making friends and aimlessly chatting, so it would be unreasonable to expect too many people to message me.

But there it is, an unread message from someone I have not been in contact with before.

“I read your ad. And your desperate comments too!    [I would take issue with ‘desperate’ but if that’s how it seems…].  I just wanted to say it’s a pity I’m so far from Yorkshire, otherwise I would ‘apply for the position’ as it suits me in all aspects.

Hard to believe there is no willing subject in your area.  Keep looking.

Best regards

Inyx, I think I love you.  Not least because you can spell, and punctuate, and everything! And because you took a little time out to scatter some encouragement in my direction.

Here is a lesson for us all, if you happen across something good and worthwhile on the internet, just stop for one minute to applaud its author, because they will probably be more grateful than you will ever know.

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