Paddle Detention: The Complete How-To!

What is paddle detention?

Paddle Detention has been instituted as a supplement to regular detention. The main difference between the two being that in addition to completing lines as in regular detention, a paddling is administered in Paddle Detention.

Any teacher has the authority to assign a culprit to Paddle Detention for infractons committed in class or for other volations of school rules. A Paddle Detention slip containing the culprits name, grade level, brief discription of the infraction, and teacher’s signature is given to the culprit to be turned in at Paddle Detention that week.

Paddle detentions are held once a week on Friday afternoon at the close of classes in a special classroom designated for this purpose. Teachers are assigned Paddle Detenton duty on a rotating schedule. The number of culprits attending Paddle Detention on a given week is between 1 and 6 on the average.


At the appointed time on Friday afternoon, culprits report to the designated classroom with their Paddle Detention slip or slips and a notebook for writing, and are seated at desks in front of the room. The teacher in charge then instructs them to each write 100 times in their notebook the following sentence: “I will be paddled for…….(the reason they were sent to Paddle Detention).” Sentences are to be complete and legible. Any errors result in extra swats being administered. There is to be absolute silence in the room while lines are being completed. Violations of this rule likewise will earn extra swats.

The teacher retires through the door to the adjoining room after instructing the culprits to knock on the door in turn when they have completed their lines and wait for permission to enter to receive their paddling. If a paddling is in progress at the time, they are to wait until it is completed, allowing a few additional minutes for completion of the paperwork before knocking on the door. Knocking on the door during a paddling will result in extra swats being administered.

The execution


When the culprit is given permission to enter the room, they hand their completed lines along with the Paddle Detention slip to the teacher in charge. The teacher checks the lines for completeness and legibility, making note of any errors. The infraction listed on the Paddle Detention slip is read and an appropriate number of swats is awarded. The usual number is 5 swats plus any extras for incomplete or illegible lines or other rule violations as described earlier. Repeat or serious infractions earn 10 or more swats as deemed appropriate to the individual case.

Don’t use a cheap paddle  – here’s something to laugh:

The teacher then takes up the paddle, which may be either the official Detention Paddle kept there for this purpose, or their own personal paddle which they may use if they prefer. The culprit is then ordered to bend over the desk after first lifting her skirt above her waist if a girl, or lowering his trousers to his knees if a boy. Before applying the paddle, the teacher first checks for padding, smoothing out the underpants, making sure they are drawn up as tightly as possible. If padding of any kind is found, which is rare, then underpants are also lowered and the paddling is given on the bare bottom. This usually deters anyone from ever padding again.


When the culprit is correctly positioned, the number of swats awarded is announced and the paddling is administered according to the teachers own individual style. Extra swats may be awarded for standing up, reaching back with their hands, or moving out of position in any way before the paddling is completed.

When the paddling has been completed, the culprit is given permission to stand and adjust their clothing. An entry is then made in the punishment book next to the culprit’s name listing the date, offence committed, and number of swats administered. Then teacher and culprit in turn both sign the entry in the space provided for signatures. The culprit is dismissed through the main door of the room so as not to disturb those awaiting their turn in the adjoining room. This procedure is then repeated with the remaining culprits until each has been paddled. The teacher signs off on the the Paddle Detention slip which is then returned to the referring teacher.

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