Is Spanking Only Physical?

I enjoy the delicious sensation of my open palm spanking firmly into soft yielding female buttocks, repeatedly. I enjoy feeling you react as those spanks sting your cheeks, feeling you relax and strain your ass backwards eager for more, feeling you absorb the burn, and feeling you begin to struggle with yourself as the warming sting begins to turn to pain.

But so much more than the physical, I relish the mind-fuck of dominating your thoughts, overcoming your resistance, compelling you to obey through force of will, mentally overpowering you until you accept your fate. Watching your faltering hands as they reluctantly bare your own bottom, and your gradual acceptance of the inevitability of the chastisement to come, presenting your naked rear, as you know you must, for the stern yet caring application of paddle, belt, or… cane.

You are my plaything for the duration. Resistance will be punished, obedience will be rewarded, but ultimately you know you are in fair hands and in a safe place.

And for the ultimate thrill, you regress to the naughty little girl who looks to Daddy for all things, even those things that Mommy must never know about. And if your real age is close to that of the daughter I never had, so much the better.

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