Do Spankers Have A Bum Fetish? What Men Look For In A Woman


OK, I am going to try to address my appreciation of the female form, and hopefully without coming across as an old lecher. It is a tough ask, as there is no doubt that I am one!

Returning to the original question, there is one possible answer that could be more valid than any other: ‘Yes, it is meant to!’ Periodically, the fashion design houses seem to focus on various areas of the female anatomy. And it is the skill of a good designer that they are able, with the angle of a cut or the sweep of a piece of fabric, to manipulate our eyes in this way. Season by season, our eyes are drawn variously towards a girl’s neck, or her calves, or her waist and hips, and inevitably her breasts, or her bottom and now even her pubis.


It is an odd thing that men have an in-built preference for different areas of a woman. For some, breasts are a critical ingredient and I have a distinct preference for one specific breast shape and size. But a girl’s breasts are not vitally important to me. No, being a confessed spanker, my eyes scan the universe for the perfectly formed arse. There is no reason to fear my gaze, it carries only admiration, and if you don’t want me to look, then select a fashion that disguises your rear, not flaunts it. I find this particular female double-standard to be wildly annoying, wearing clothing specifically designed to attract the eye, and then whining when eyes are drawn!

In all this contemplation, I am considering the various body shapes we have always had, and blanking out the current trend towards obesity. And I am talking about real-world women, not the ridiculous stick women that the fashion establishment forces down our throats.

So what do I look for in a girl’s bottom? (Let’s stay out of the crevices for now, shall we? Tsk!) Pert is a good word here. An ideal backside projects itself, temptingly. It *should* stick out, virtually begging for that hand to slap against it. There are limits, but a bottom can be large, and sexy. And it needs to have that resistance to a spank that only at least a basic degree of muscle-tone can produce. Skinny rumps are actually quite unpleasant to spank, as one’s palm impacts against the underlying bony structure it produces a sensation of brutality that has no place in a spanker’s mind. And unfit flabby bottoms tempt the hand, but disappoint with their lack of fight, caving in to the spanking palm like a leaky beach-ball.

Don’t misunderstand me here, a bottom of any size and shape is preferable to no bottom at all, but perfection is always an admirable, if unachievable goal.

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