Cane Stripes On All Four Cheeks

I guess you are ‘into’ spanking and caning, else why would you be reading? Or maybe you are one of those girls who loves to be spanked but would run a mile if someone flexed a length of Malacca meaningfully? There is no more reason to fear a caning than a spanking, so long as ‘he’ knows what he is doing, and that caveat applies to all forms of erotic discipline.

The Difference in Caning

If you have never been caned, let me try to explain how it differs, but can be every bit as erotic as a spanking, but more so. Differs from what, I suppose, is the first question. Spanking, paddling, belting, flogging and the rest all tend to share one aspect in common. They are all implements that have some width, and so any impact tends to land with an even ‘splatt’ across a wide area. They each have their individual signature sting, but broadly speaking, we are talking broadly    But a cane is substantially different, the most obvious characteristic being that it is slim, but also comparatively light in weight, and finally, a degree of flexibility is advantageous. Scientifically speaking, it follows the same principle as a barefoot elephant versus the elephant in stilettos, they weigh the same when they stomp on your foot, but have you ever been stomped by a stiletto heel? I’m sure you get the point ~grin~. A cane impacts a very narrow strip of bottom, not especially long (depending on its flexibility), and both cheeks simultaneously. It tends to be one of those impacts that catches your nerve endings out, you feel the impact and you know it is going to hurt long before the pain actually registers. Did you ever hit your thumb nail with a hammer?

From that description I am sure it sounds horrendous, and all you doubters are now even more certain that no Panda food is going anywhere near your ass, right? You are right, in many ways, to be fearful. But, given the right mindset, anyone who enjoys a good old-fashioned smacked bottom will most certainly enjoy a caning, and then some. It just needs to be done right.

I like to cane a girl for two special reasons.

Reason #1

Firstly, in the UK at least, kids were always taught to fear ‘The Cane’ at school, due to its use as the penultimate deterrent by headmasters everywhere. And somehow that awe factor has continued despite having been banned in most schools since 1972. Interestingly, caned classmates were held in high regard, and in fact a pupil never gained their ‘cool kid’ status until they had been to The Head for ‘a swishing’ at least once. So, to stand in front of a ‘naughty girl’, slowly, deliberately and meaningfully flexing one’s favourite cane under her nose… The emotions visibly coursing through her are erotic discipline head-space nectar to any self-respecting dominant.

Reason #2

Secondly, while an all-over rosy-cheeked hue is routinely desirable, a nice set of evenly spaced, neatly parallel, scarlet tram-lines is like a well-ploughed field to a farmer. They are a source of pride to the disciplinarian, a mark of craftsmanship, and visible evidence of the bond between dominant and submissive that she trusts and respects him enough to submit. Conversely (or do I mean perversely?), she takes pride in her stripes, her badge of honour, that she was able to bend herself to his whim, and take her discipline well. It was a test, and she passed. She will lay in bed at night, gently running her finger tips along the ridges, feeling slight twinges of residual pain and reliving her experience. She will fondly inspect her decorations each morning when she dresses. She will be reminded of her stripes each time the bus to work hits a bump in the road, and as she sits down around the meeting table, and she will feel superior to every one of her colleagues. And as the days pass, and her medals fade from red to purple, and then steadily fainter brown bruises, and finally fade away altogether, she will be back to acquire a fresh set.

Four cheeks? Two girls, both ‘in trouble’. They each stand and watch as the other is required to raise her pleated skirt and lower her knickers to mid-thigh, and finally bend to proffer her gently spreading backside to the cane. They take their medicine, and console each other as they inhabit ‘the naughty girl corner’, stealing gentle caresses of the other’s still naked rear when they think his back is turned.

Yes, being a non-fiction blog, I have been there and done that. Awesome is an overused word these days, but it fits that early summer evening perfectly. In the end it didn’t quite turn out as I had hoped, I think the girls were each following their own agendas that happened to coincide at that moment. To be perfect, they would be an established pairing who decided to experience a caning together, and I would be merely the wielder of the rod and fade into the background after the event, rather than the focus of their attentions.

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