Spanking Blog Posts

My Quest For A Spanking Playmate

This blog continues to attract this search query, and by inference, people who are themselves hoping to find the right person, in the right place, who wants to spank them, or be spanked by them. My previous posts on this subject, Is Online Behaviour Important, and Seeking Spanking Partners are read daily, and…

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What Frustrates Me in Spanking – And How I Got over It

According to Chambers Online Dictionary: frustrated adj1 a feeling of agitation and helplessness at not being able to do something. 2disappointed; unhappy; dissatisfied. 3 unfulfilled in one’s ambitions for oneself. 4 not sexually satisfied. spanker noun 1 someone who smacks. And their thesaurus suggests that I am: disappointed, discontented, discouraged, dissatisfied, disheartened, embittered, resentful, angry, annoyed, thwarted, blighted, repressed. Yes, I…

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A Beginner’s Guide To Being Birched, Part 2

Please check out part 1 here. A number of different tree types will produce suitably straight shoots. Dog-woods are good, Hazel, Alder maybe? Just use your judgement, and experiment a bit. Assembly. (In fact, one ‘prepares’ one’s birch) Your chosen twigs (that doesn’t feel like quite the right description but I…

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