Are You Addicted To Spanking?

I have my doubts. According to Chamber’s online definition, an addiction is:

a habit that has become impossible to break

Now that could apply to a person who is actively involved in spanking. But what about all those people who have never actually felt a hand slap their bottom with intent, or who has never had the opportunity to intentionally spank a bottom? It can’t be a habit, because it has never actually happened!


I think the following fits much better, also from Chambers:

obsession – a persistent or dominating thought, idea, feeling, etc.

Strictly speaking (as us dominant types often are    ), spanking is more usually described as a fetish:

a procedure or ritual followed obsessively, or an object of obsessive devotion.

Which dovetails quite neatly into my earlier observation. Chambers continues the fetish definition with:

an object other than the sexual organs that is handled or visualized as an aid to sexual stimulation

So for my money, ‘spanking addiction’ is a misnomer. Spanking is a fetish, first and foremost, that we most likely obsess about, especially if it is just out of reach! As to where our fetish comes from is a whole new can of worms, with some claiming that it is ‘learned behaviour’, probably during infancy, and others claiming it is hard-wired in our brains and handed down from one or other, or both, our parents.

Now that is a scary thought! Did Daddy ever spank Mommy for kicks? Or vice-versa? And did she like it?? And do they still do it???


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