A Beginner’s Guide To Being Caned: Part 4

This is intended to be the final part. Hopefully by now, those of you who were not already familiar with this particularly British obsession with caning will have gained a better understanding of how and why we like it so much. And just maybe, you are sufficiently intrigued to try it out for yourself. If you intend to wield one on some poor unsuspecting naughty girl’s bottom, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you receive a few strokes yourself in order to experience and understand the peculiar transmission of pain that a cane produces.

The deliberately unbuckled belt resonates with many, especially those for whom it has childhood echoes, but in my opinion no other implement carries such a strong visual impact. And once you have heard whippy rattan swish through the air, or clatter noisily on a desk, it can mean only one thing.

As I alluded to in the previous post, a caning has the potential to send the recipient into deep sub-space (a trance-like state in which submission becomes everything, without conscious thought and without care). If this occurs it is beholden on the other partner to take complete responsibility for the submissive’s welfare. She (he?) is no longer competent to signal when they have received enough, and a strong cane is capable of inflicting unwanted damage if used to excess.

Before offering your bottom up to your S.O. for a caning, it might pay to check out which sports they play. A golfer’s leading left arm will equip them with a good firm backhand stroke, while a tennis player’s whipped forehand will certainly get you up on your toes!

So what, I hear you ask, should you expect by way of after-effects? Individual skin type plays a part, as with any other disciplinary implement, but visible marking varies enormously depending on the type, weight, and length of cane, and on how enthusiastically it is applied. A cane stroke raises a tram-line weal on the skin, one on each cheek if delivered evenly, and multiple strokes merge to make the buttock swell slightly. This effect may last for a few hours but will probably have returned to normal by the morning. Visually, anything from pretty pink stripes that fade away after about 12 hours or so, up to angry dark purple tram-lines that spread to form green-tinged black bruising that takes several weeks to fade down to normal brown bruises and gradually disappear. There are many images of both, and variations between, freely available with a quick Google image search.

A recently caned bottom will throb, sting, burn and prickle in equal measure. Later, it exhibits a slightly tender-yet-numb sensation when sat upon. But sit down carefully! Failure to observe that caution will lead to embarrassing explanations as you shoot back to your feet after carelessly plonking yourself down at the weekly team meeting.

In summary then, by all means experiment with a cane, beginning gently, slowly and accurately. But please, handle with care!


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